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April 4, 2016

(Preview) – Picasso and his passions

(Preview) Picasso and his passions

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picasso_500The exhibition through an exhibition body of more than 250 works, oil paintings, ceramics, drawings, engravings and photographs to tell the eclecticism of the undisputed ‘900 Genius is a complete journey around all the issues dear to the great painter of our century made of colorful characters of the Barcelona youth he loved so much, the expressive power of the relationship with the theater and the Paris of AGE d’or eras, and of course his relationship with the figure of the model often highlighted by a strong erotica.

Would be part of the exhibition also rare works of his more realistic period ie the era blue. Masterpieces like the Frugal Meal will be recognized by the public as unique pieces. All accompanied by 25 ceramics to complete the path by understanding the complexity that Picasso has been able to achieve over time in all the arts. The exhibition is representative of the most influential artist’s creativity all round the ‘900 that has competed, in the course of his long and intense life, in all known artistic genres.

“I do not seek, I find,” he liked to say it himself and his artistic work with pride and awareness of self-worth.

The exhibition then traces a vast span of time, from 1904 with the exposure of the first recording ever made by the great master (the Frugal Meal) through the incisions Guernica, his most famous work, to get to the rough graphic series Celestine published in 1971, two years before his death.


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