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April 4, 2016
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Leonardo da Vinci – The Beautiful Princess


The “Bella Principessa”

21.03 – 19.04 2015

The opportunity to bring in exposition the “Bella Principessa”, the last work attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, in national preview in the splendid city of Lugano instead of the EXPO 2015 in Milan, elicited an expected outcry.

Luxury Art, together with illustrious travel companions, accepted the challenge obtaining words of approval and encouragement, which facilitated the not-so-easy task of organizing such a unique event, worthy of the great name of Leonardo da Vinci.

As the society’s CEO I’d like to thank my team, made up of  highly professional and competent individuals.

Another major and special recognition goes to Mayor Marco Borradori, whom with his sensitivity and foresight

believed in this project since the very beginning, hosting the portrait not in one of the numerous city museums, but in the very town hall, the house of the people, again remarking the importance of Leonardo da Vinci, distinguished guest and worthy of the best hospitality.




dedica federica moro

A very special dedication..
















Gallery La Bella Principessa – Highlights

Gallery La Bella Principessa – Exposure