Luxury ART

It ‘a young and dynamic company based in Lugano (Switzerland). The main activity is to produce and disseminate culture by following different channels:

  • Art exhibitions
  • Exclusive events
  • Charity events

The Luxury Art events are the result of an intense process of research and specialization and this attitude takes us every day in order to give our customers excellent products. Luxury Art is created by professionals, each with its own background of talent and excellence in various fields: management, art history and curatorial work, organization and production.

The comunication

The sponsor of the event is mainly benefiting from considerable media visibility at national and international level

RELEASE and RADIO: I’m sure many passages on major newspapers and local radio. With an ad hoc promotional campaign on all media it is ensured excellent media exposure;

TV: We will invite the main Swiss broadcasters to produce services that are coming in greater visibility hours;

AUTOMOTIVE SPONSOR: The Sponsor of a prestigious Car Manufacturer has the right to be able to show the flagship passenger car;

MARKETING: All Sponsors will have the opportunity to place its logo on the official exhibition catalog, in print advertising and public signage;

Why sponsor “Picasso and his passions

In recent years, the sponsorship market has changed a lot. To decide to start a sponsorship relationship companies must be certain to have a return on investment in terms of marketing. In recent years the interest in the art world has had an increasingly upward trend: For example, in Italy “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Vermeer, exhibited at Palazzo Fava in Bologna, it has been the most visited exhibition 2014 with 342,626 visitors.

  • The target audience of art lovers is very well profiled
  • The quality of the contacts: the audience of art lovers there is a strong presence of leaders or influencers of business decisions.

Sponsors Benefits

  1. Organize a press conference and a public event which will take part in a representative of the company with full power to explain the reasons for sponsorship;
  2. Organize an inaugural opening ceremony, subject to a representative of the powers above;
  3. To reserve, for the duration of the exhibition, a space inside the building where the exhibition within which, during the opening hours to the public, the company will exhibit and advertise your goods and services;
  4. Spread the news in the press of the sponsorship; for this purpose can be prepared posters bearing the company name as the entity sponsoring;
  5. Ensure publication and distribution of a large number of catalogs of the exhibition: the sponsor “big” size of the contribution to ensure preferential positions, such as the second and the fourth cover page, while the other sponsors other spaces are reserved in relation to ‘ size of the contribution;
  6. Disseminate, at its own expense, a DVD or other media containing, in the opening credits and closing credits, the sponsor’s logo;
  7.  Guarantee a certain number of tickets and cataloghia free of charge;
  8. The Top sponsors will have to define a number of free invitations for the gala dinner.